Love Spell 50mg CBD Therapeutic Bar

50mg of CBDs combined with our ultra moisturizing soap recipe creates a bar like no other. We infused hemp seed oil with 50mg per bar of 2 types of cbds, raw hemp extract and pure isolates. CBDs are known for their amazing skin conditioners. Combined with the  quintessential fragrance “Love Spell” we created a fun and playful power house therapeutic bar. Topped off with a playfully dusting of gold mica.

M soaps uses all natural and responsibly sourced ingredients. Coconut oil, palm oil, shea butter, olive oil and hempseed oil, sodium hydroxide, CBD isolate & raw hemp extract (50mg) titanium dioxide, mica coloring. Each handcrafted bar will moisturize your skin and can be used on the whole body.  Gluten free , vegan and cruelty free. 5.5oz bar.


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