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Activated Charcoal Sea Kelp & Peppermint Facial Body Bar

$ 8.50

Our Activated charcoal sea kelp peppermint facial body bar is designed to gently clean the delicate skin of the face and any other problem area. Activated charcoal delicately pulls toxins from the skin. The toxins then bind to the activated charcoal and are carried away down the drain! It provides a deep cleanse and detoxifier. It’s all-natural and won’t add new chemicals to your skin, while sea kelp revitalizes your skin. Sea kelp is a rich mineral packed with antioxidants that is incredibly nourishing to the skin. We then top if all off with 100% pure peppermint essential oil. Peppermint has natural antimicrobial properties and the uplifting scent has been known to improve your mood. It's also a great stimulant for the skin. All of these combined create a perfect natural facial body bar. 

M soaps uses all natural and responsibly sourced ingredients. Coconut oil, palm oil, shea butter and olive oil. Each handcrafted bar will moisturize your skin and can be used on the whole body. Gluten free, vegan and cruelty free. 5.5oz bar.