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Artisanal Soaps and Bath Products Crafted with Science and Passion

Always Natural • Always Pure


Handcrafting artisanal soaps & bath products for over 20 years

Strength training is a big part of my life and often I find myself sore. My knees suffer the worst of it due to an old injury. This massage butter is just the ticket! If I feel even a hint of soreness I grab my jar and rub a little bit into the areas I'm feeling pain. Within minutes it turns into a dull ache. Then all of a sudden it's gone! I'm so glad I found this stuff. It's exactly what I needed!
I don't know what I would do without the massage butter! I hope it continues to be made FOREVER!
Fast shipping!! Great service and amazing product. Smells fantastic!!! Will be ordering more.
M Soaps products are the most amazing products I've tried, and I've tried A Lot of Cbd products! I think the difference is the love you put into making them!