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Night Night 250mg Serum

$ 45.00

Every ingredient in our Night Night 250mg Serum is chosen with great care and purpose. This blend of luxurious oils with CBD and terpenes soak into the skin to leave you feeling positively glowing while providing some great benefits!

CBD is known to help control sebum production, reduce inflammation, and hydrate, while terpenes works to detoxify the skin. Incorporating our CBD facial serum into your skincare works perfectly with your body’s efforts to destress your skin, reduce redness, calm patches of irritation, and unlock that natural glow! 

Why is it special
  • CBD is rich in anti- inflammatory properties to calm the skin for a sun kissed glow. Who doesn’t want that!
  • Terpene compounds act like a natural shield to protect your skin from environmental damage. Huge Plus!
  • Green coffee oil is known to be loaded with flavonoids and antioxidants.
  • Rose Hip Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, which are so important for tissue and cell regeneration in the skin and aiding in the reduction of scars and fine lines. Yasss Queen!
  • Marula oil is high in antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and amino acids. It’s known to help oily, acne prone, aging, and dry skin.
  • Sea buckthorn oil is excellent for reducing acne breakouts as it signals the oil glands to stop creating excess amounts of sebum. It can reduce inflammation in the skin, help to fade scars, and promote an even and smooth skin texture.
How to Use

Use nightly for maximum benefit and hydration while getting your beauty sleep

  1. Wash away the day from your lovely face. Pat dry.
  2. With your pores still open and warm, draw 1-2 pumps on your finger tips.
  3. Gently massage into your skin in an upwards circular motion.
  4. Let your pretty face air dry
  5. Feel free to follow with your favorite night time moisturizer or use alone. The choice is yours!

Sweet Almond Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Apricot Oil, Avocado Oil, Virgin Hempseed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil (MTC), Grape Seed Oil, Marula Oil, Green Coffee Oil, Calendula Extract, Vitamin E, Chamomile Oil, Germium Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Lavender Oil, Hemp Terpenes, Full Spectrum Cannabidiol Oil (CBD).

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